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What does "custom made" refer to?

We are all different, therefore we want to serve each and every customer's needs, as much as possible. Very few people have the exact size chart measurements, color preferences or hight.This being said, customising a garment means crafting it using your own measurements and the color you choose from the ones we offer.Please note that we are not making any changes regarding the item's design, shape, accessories. We shall not add or remove ribbons, ruffles, flowers, butterflies, buttons that have not been included in the reference item.

How do I place a custom order?

Contact Rad Playground via Facebook page , Instagram or email us at

We shall discuss the product's measurements, color, shipping and delivery time and options.

Please consider the images below when taking your measurements

(photos via wikihow)
Please, be aware, that each garment piece is made separately, therefore small differences may occur. We follow the technical files for each piece, but in the end, there are no identical garments.


This is the size chart we are currently using
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